Sunday, December 15, 2013

Too much Theory, Not Enough Action

An interesting article at The Catholic Thing on the ordinary charity of those too poor for monetary gifts suggests perhaps that Pope Francis is neither capitalist nor Marxist- as a good Catholic should be neither- but is instead talking about physical on the ground reality of economics, rather than lofty theories (well, aside from the theory of Trickle Down, which as anybody knows who actually works with people who don't own medium to large businesses, doesn't work). Presence, is what the poor require, not presents.

I must admit that I myself have fallen into this trap this Christmas season- but all the presents have been purchased, I'm on a train that can't be stopped. Still, three out of the thirty or so presents I have purchased *are* presence- events that we will get to enjoy with family and friends during the 12 days of Christmas, as opposed to physical items.

However, as I work 50 hour weeks to pay for all of this (well, not just pay for it all, but also because the needs of the current project are such that I need to work 50 hour weeks- I get a shutdown between noon on Christmas Eve and New Year's day, but January 2nd will be back to the grind), I have to wonder, if I am doing too much and not spending enough time with the people who really do need me.

That's an interesting twist on Evangelii Gaudium, and not one I was expecting.

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