Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why we need the value of myth- and why one size doesn't fit all

The Greeks had the myth of the demon-man Procrustes, who our children don't learn about any more. On the road between Athens and Eleusis, he had an inn. When travelers would stop in, he claimed to have a magic bed that was a perfect fit for everybody- one size fits all. But in reality, the bed was really a rack- and if the traveler was too short, he was stretched to fit; and if the traveler was too tall, either head or feet or both would be cut off.

Perhaps the reason this myth is no longer taught, is because it is a bit too close to reality for the modern liberal education. If your faith is too short- unable to handle the great worship of one-size-fits-none liberty- it is stretched to the breaking point. If your faith is too certain- belief in actual good and evil, right and wrong- pieces are cut off until your right and wrong match that of the liberal dictators.

Sometimes, myths are not lies. Sometimes they are truths too uncomfortable to teach in any other way. But in this day and age- they need to be called not truth.

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