Friday, June 28, 2013

YouCat raises the question

An interesting discussion today on Flocknote's _Read the Catechism in a Year_ which has swtiched to the YouCat due to copyright issues. The problem? A question about atheism where the YouCat and the Catechism seem to be in conflict.

I don't have the question numbers in this form of the Youcat, but the relevant passage in the CCC is 2140.

Fad Atheists are certainly sinning:

But that's not the group the YouCat is talking about.

YouCat is talking about rational atheism, which can be a path to the faith, and cradle atheism, which is a form of positive faith formed in the 2nd and 3rd generation of an atheist family.

I'm not sure rational atheism doesn't fall under CCC2140. In fact, I'd say the more study is done, the more the rational atheist will be drawn to the faith- and the more of a sin this becomes. But that is a reason for conversion.

And cradle atheism, I can't imagine them not getting into purgatory- for the same reason I reject the theological theory of limbo.

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