Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Help My Kids Still Aren’t Catholic!!

Help My Kids Still Aren’t Catholic!!:

A convert to Catholicism shows us why kids are no longer Catholic.


Bill S said...

"The reason I am a committed Christian and a passionate Catholic today is because I grew up with people who really believed the old, old story of mankind’s fall from grace and God’s saving sacrifice."

This is a perfect example of why our children aren't Catholic. They know enough about anthropology to realize that there never was a time that humans were in some sort of state of grace from which they fell through disobedience of a diety. I feel sorry for those who still believe such nonsense.

Theodore Seeber said...

You must have read different anthropology books than I have; there are people still living in Eden in the Brazilian rainforest, though Cain is working extremely had to kill Abel there as well. Study of their lives has brought us the new science of permaculture, which promises to use native crops in urban settings, including the sides of skyscrapers, to end the food distribution problem once and for all.

Bill S said...

I've read comments that sidestep the issue before, but that one takes the cake. Are you implying that because Brazil is a Catholic country, they are living an Eden-like existence?

Theodore Seeber said...

The people who are still living in Eden aren't Catholic. Most of them have never heard of the Bible, or civilization- and have no need of it. God gives them all they need.

If anything, in Brazil, it is the Catholics who are Cain- quickly burning down the rainforest to make pastureland for more beef production, just as Cain killed Abel to gain more room for his fields. Haven't you ever noticed that Cain is the archetype of the farmer, and Abel the archetype of the primitive hunter-gatherer?

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