Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The economy of Knightshelm

Money changers in the temple is bad. Money changers outside of the temple, well, that can turn enough profit to be useful.

I have written before about Knightshelm, my dream planned community for Knights of Columbus that have been told by the larger community in Oregon that they're too worthless to live. I've written about how I'd like to build the Venerable Fr. McGivney Chapel, the retreat house, the 4th Degree Assisted Living Center, the RV park, and the Sustainable Trading Post/Grocery Store/Post Office.

Now I'd like to examine how such a community would interface to the surrounding communities.

I propose a two-tier private monetary system, pinned to the value of a US dollar, with a physical currency and a virtual currency. The physical currency, called Saints, will consist of any Saints medal. All Saints medals will be honored, and will be able to be purchased in the Trading Post gift shop for a fixed rate of 2/$1US. ONLY in the gift shop can US currency be used, and the only other currency accepted will be Saints. They will also be able to be purchased with the virtual currency of KnightsHours- at a rate of 20 Saints/KH. Thus, a KnightsHour, the virtual currency, is valued at a fixed rate of $10USD.

Work in the gardens, in the Trading Post, in the RV park, in the Chapel, or in the Assisted Living Center will add to your virtual account at a rate of 1KH/hour. This includes degree work in the chapel basement for candidates on a 4 Degrees Retreat; the Degree team will be paid in KnightsHours.

All Supreme insurance payouts will go directly into Knightshours accounts at a rate of 1 KnightsHour/$10USD.

A local wifi network and specialized smartphone applications will give access to each individual's KH account, and of course, in the Trading Post Gift Shop, KH can always be exchanged for USD or Saints at the fixed rates. For the purpose of accounts- a married couple, being of one flesh, shall share a KH account- and thus, when either one dies, there shall be no loss of previously accrued KH.

God provides each of us with 24 hours each day for free- we should be able to use that time to our profit. But in Fraternity, why should one brother's time be any more valuable than any other brother's time? Why should a widow's time be worth any less than a brother's time?

Prices in the Trading Post can be adjusted to meet Just Wage and Fair Price- In other words, large enough to pay for the time needed to create the good out of raw materials, but still low enough to be affordable.

And thus, the only allowable form of Usury in KnightsHelm is the difference between what we can make Saints for, vs $.50. I recently purchased 40 St. Clare Medals online for confirmation students for $.48 each, so this is pretty close.

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