Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I'm currently re-reading Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, starting with the 2nd trilogy that wasn't actually written by Asimov but was written after his death. I'm thus starting with _Foundation's Fear_ by Gregory Benford.

It is just now occurring to me that Catholicism, as seen through the prism of convert Leah Libresco's mathematics-inspired Virtue Ethics, might, as Gregory Benford predicts with his use of the Joan of Arc and Voltaire simulations internal to the novel, provide a solid foundation for Asimov's concept of psychohistory..

To this end, I wonder if the researchers who are looking into the real psychohistory could in fact benefit by being given access to mathematics, virtue ethics, and the records in the Vatican Library that give 2000 years worth of experimental data into the subject of evolving morality.

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