Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Utopia of Knightshelm

My dream that I see NO material way of ever accomplishing, but I'm going to put it down here. A 360 acre town located somewhere in Oregon, I'm thinking the West Side of the Southern Cascades would be the ideal climate for the town of Knightshelm, based around six institutions:

1. The Venerable Fr. McGivney Chapel, which is an irregular octagon basement, with a Maltese Cross main floor containing the Sanctuary, and a solar panel roof providing energy for the main complex in the shape of a shield (and thus, shows up as the Emblem of the Order on Google Earth). Stairs to the basement are hidden by a moving altar- and are closed when in EF/Latin placement against the wall, but open when in OF/Novus Ordo placement away from the wall.
2. The Permaculture General store, in which the entire produce section is an indoor/outdoor garden, the meat section includes a pasture and livestock as well as a butcher shop, and one way of purchasing food there is in exchange for volunteer hours. It would include the post office and only require money for imported luxury foods, like coffee.
3. The Fourth Degree Assisted Living Center- a cross shaped building topped with a sculpture of a dove, a rooftop garden, and a huge circular solar panel providing extra energy for medical equipment. Contains 20 apartments, a centralized restaurant, and a small medical clinic.
4. The Three Stories Family Shelter, taking in homeless Knights and their families- one floor each in honor of the Virtues of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity. Required for staying there is doing volunteer time in one of the other institutions.
5. The Family Retreat Lodge- a combination restaurant, meeting hall, movie theater, drama stage, and daycare.
6. The Knights of the Road RV and Trailer Park. A KOA style resort, perhaps actually run under the KOA brand.

Main export service: Family Exemplification Retreat Weekends, which start with a First Degree on Friday Night, followed by Eucharistic Adoration, Catholic Daughters Exemplification for the Wives and Squires Exemplification on Saturday Morning, Saturday Noon EF Latin Mass, Second and Third Degree on Saturday Afternoon, Catholic Family Movie Night on Saturday Evening, Sunday Morning OF Mass, Sunday noon Brunch, and Sunday Afternoon Exemplification in the Fourth Degree.

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