Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An idea for an invention

For a kinder, gentler, 21st century military/police force:
A gun that is a combination Taser and Glock with tri-state noise-activated safety. Normally off, the sound of a normal gun being cocked releases the safety on the Taser for 5 minutes, the sound of a gunshot releases the safety on the Glock for 20 minutes. Thus insuring that non-lethal force is only available when the bad guy has lethal force available, and lethal force is only available after the bad guy has already fired once.
Based on the idea that evil is only permissible in response to evil, and even then, is best done quickly.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I am the Unfit

Introduction:  When Mararet Sanger, a cradle Catholic, was growing up, she failed to learn the meaning of sacrificial love.   After seeing her mother struggle to raise childern, and after working with the poor, she developed a theory of economics linking poverty to race, culture, and large families.  And so she started Planned Parenthood with the slogan More Children for the Fit, Fewer for the Unfit.  And so she started promoting contraceptive and abortive poisons, to reduce the population of the unfit.

On This Memoral Day, I offer this meditation for all worldwide, of all ages, whom society has labeled Unfit, unworthy of sharing this planet with us.

I am Unfit

My mother is a teenager, just starting out in Life
I am the Unfit
I am the Child of Poor Parents
I am the Unfit
I have a genetic disease
I am the Unfit
My mother was bit by a mosquito and I am in danger of microcephaly
I am the Unfit
I have a terminal illness
I am the Unfit
I signed up with the Military to feed my family
I am the Unfit
I am accused of treason
I am the Unfit
I am accused of murder
I am the Unfit
My parents were of two different races
I am the Unfit
I am the wrong race
I am the Unfit
My father raped my mother and I was conceived
I am the Unfit
I am the genius scientist that is face blind
I am the Unfit
I have a genetic defect
I am the Unfit
My parents abuse children
I am the Unfit
I will spend more over my lifetime than I will earn
I am the Unfit
I struggle with Same Sex Attraction
I am the Unfit
I am Ugly
I am the Unfit
I have a socially transmitted disease
I am the Unfit
I am a boy
I am the Unfit
I am a girl
I am the Unfit
I am a hermaphrodite
I am the Unfit
I have autism
I am the Unfit
I am the minimum wage worker working three jobs
I am the Unfit
I am the unionist
I am the Unfit
I am the little person
I am the Unfit
I am the obese
I am the Unfit
I have cancer due to pollution
I am the Unfit
We are infertile in our marriage due to synthetic estrogen in the drinking water
I am the Unfit
I am the son of an unwed mother- God knows the Future
You do not
Who are you to decide that
I am the Unfit?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Why does the New York Times Hate Women?

It may be that I've become so extreme that the middle looks to be the other side to me. But in thinking about the recent rush of the Obama Administration to reduce human fertility; and in light of the recent revelation to me that most forms of contraception are poisons, both to the human species and the rest of the environment; I have to ask the question. Why would any self-respecting liberal be for taking women, whose UNIQUE contribution to our society is preservation of the species in a way men can never obtain, and poison them to remove that unique contribution? And they accuse US of misogyny. I can't think of anything more hateful than sterilization for superficial, material reasons. Not to mention the second hand side effect of synthetic estrogen in our drinking water destroying entire species of fish and reducing human fertility still further. Women, pregnancy, and children- the three hatreds of the left wing in America.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Anderson's Law- or the Cardinal Bernard Law

Mark Shea, over at Patheos, brings up the idea of a new form of Godwin's law covering the Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal of 1956-1986. Turns out Jay Anderson at Pro Ecclesia already proposed this way back in 2007. A rather ironical movement is building off of Mr. Shea's page to rename it after Cardinal Bernard Law- not only because of the pun, but because of the fact that the Cardinal has been so deeply implicated in the scandal.
Anderson's law is as follows:
“As a debate involving the Catholic Church (either a discussion about the Church specifically, or a discussion in which the Church is taking a position) grows longer, the probability of someone mentioning the sex scandal approaches one.”

Jay also has a corollary (which I suppose can be called “Anderson’s Corollary”):
“Once such reference to the Scandal is made, whoever mentioned the Scandal has automatically “lost” whatever debate was in progress.”

Monday, May 21, 2012

Will the courts save the Catholic Church?

Twin stories today- first Thanks Be To God- Obama will NOT be allowed to arrest Catholics for defying him or send the drones after you in your sleep. The Contraceptive Mandate had kind of overshadowed this other related story of how they snuck repealing the Constitution into the National Defense Appropriation Act of 2012.

On a related note 40 Catholic institutions are suing the Obama Administration, including the Our Sunday Visitor newspaper.

Obama, you're gonna have your day in court. Maybe the birthers could not get you there, but the Catholic Church will.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pro-choicers: Why they hate us

A woman at church gave me new insight today into the pro-choice movement. And "social justice" pro-choice Catholics in general. They hate those who suffer, because they suffer. So much so that they think death is better than life; that death is better than suffering. They claim that the simple is complicated- when to me, preventing somebody's birth, either through contraception or abortion, is as great as a statement of hatred as torture and war. And they've twisted this around to be a form of love; it's charity in their mind to kill the suffering. This is not Catholicism- this is atheism writ large; the wish to destroy those who get in their way of a perfect world. But here's the positive- they're turning off their own supporters. A Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus once said that our best weapon against abortion is not law, but charity. However, as long as one child is denied the right to life, as long as God's will is thwarted by the actions of man, and as long as the NDAA2012 is in place and they keep building the concentration camps to put pro-lifers in; people like me are not human. We do not have basic human rights. We don't have the right to life, and without the right to life *NO* other right matters- the right to choice itself makes no sense because the child has no choice. We need a culture of life- as long as one child can be killed because they get in somebody's way, then it is only a matter of time before priests are targeted by drones while saying Mass.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Gay Marriage is not ancient

Thanks to Nancy Pelosi, it's gay marriage day at Mark Shea's blog. But he's linking to some very interesting articles- including proof AGAINST the idea that Gay marriage is an ancient Catholic Ritual. Apparently Nancy Pelosi gets her liturgical knowledge from rumor rather than fact.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Liberals, get this through your thick skulls

To Orthodox Catholics, all sex outside of monogamous, lifelong marriage with no divorce, is a form of rape.

The non-religious aren't sane

Reductionism is a very useful philosophy in science. It allows the scientist to make assumptions that simplify complex systems down to something understandable by a single human in a single lifetime. It allows engineers to then take that work and make practical inventions with it. But outside of science- when applied to cosmology, to religion, to the complex emotional and non material world of the human soul- reductionism fails because Occam's razor only works on simple systems, not complex ones. The human mind is too complex to be explained by materialism alone. And thus, atheists are insane.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Time is an aspect of God

The reason arguing with atheists online is useful, despite the fact I doubt I've ever convinced anybody or ever will, is that I learn new things about my own Catholic faith. For instance, I recently ran across this little gem that I will paraphrase: God doesn't need to do anything to destroy the universe should he choose to; God would need to *stop* doing something to destroy the universe. What a profound idea. The idea that NOTHING we observe, no event we observe, could possibly happen without God. He's the ultimate cause, EVERY other cause is a subset of him. Including our own free will. Including all good. Including what we perceive as evil because we're too limited to understand the reasons behind the cause. Everything. Thus the idea- one of God's main powers is total control over time. He needs to *actively* will time to continue, in the direction that it continues. He's omnipresent on the time scale- that is, there is no time that He doesn't exist because without Him, time itself would not exist. It's non-falsifiable, so outside of the realm of science, we're definitely talking theology here, but it's still a very profound bit of theology- one that provides an alternate explanation to the phenomena that Stephen Hawking has observed.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Letter from Senator Wyden

I'm pretty sure this is just a form letter- but the fact that he has me now pegged as a pro-life activist doesn't bode well for a worst case scenario that some pro-life activists have been warning about. Still, I quote in part:

Despite the Administration’s efforts to respond to concerns registered by the religious community in their February notice, some folks — including Members of Congress — have called for additional modifications. During the Senate’s recent consideration of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, S. 21, Senator Blunt offered an amendment that would have not only allowed religiously affiliated organizations to deny contraceptive coverage but also allowed an employer to arbitrarily choose to deny coverage of other preventive services such as cancer screenings or flu shots for men and women. I voted against bringing this amendment up for a vote because it would have set sweeping new precedent regarding an employer’s ability to choose what is or isn’t included in their employees’ health coverage regardless of religious affiliation.

To which my response, for both Senator Wyden and Senator Blunt- why is pregnancy considered a disease equal to cancer?

Idea for a new product, offered for free

A web browser that includes a small graphic that ties to a religious authority for review of websites. Said application could include funding such a religious authority by subscriptions; three icons would need to be designed for "not reviewed", "reviewed with serious concerns" and "reviewed with no concerns" (the last being similar to the Nihil Obstat granted to certain books in past generations). Clicking on the icon would go to the website of the religious authority displaying more information about the review. I could see every Catholic archdiocese, and even certain other religions to which orthodoxy is important, buying the server-side software; and at least hundreds of sales of the client side software.
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