Monday, April 30, 2012

Southern Baptists, 170 years ago, were unbiblical

Why is it whenever some small cult seeks to actually change the world to suit their point of view, and a fundamentalist objects, the initial response is "if the church can ignore the Bible on slavery, then they should ok my favorite sin"?

Well, guess what folks- what the Bible says on slavery is NOT what you think it is. What the Bible says about slavery, is to treat it like adoption. Now while I'm sure some plantation owners in the Southern US did indeed treat slaves like their own children (in fact, we got Blessed Fr. Tolton, the first African-American priest, that way- from a Catholic slave owning family who DID treat the children of their slaves as their own children, including encouraging Fr. Tolton in his vocation), the fundamentalist Southern Baptists were more likely to quote the Bible out of context to support their racism and the inhuman practices of chattel slavery.

So that is why we should not just blanket "ignore the Bible"- because ignoring the Bible leads to an entirely different place than you think it does.

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