Friday, April 13, 2012

Chuck Lorre Productions Vanity Card 198c

On an offense that almost became a defense, if it wasn't for the Censors at CBS- Chuck Lorre fell into the modern myth of "all Catholic Priests are pedophiles" when writing this script originally; the censors attacked him on it, themselves falling into the myth that "All Catholics are in denial about all priests being pedophiles", when actually proving the reality that "All Americans who are worried about pedophiles are giving generic non-denominational pastors a free pass to do whatever the hell they like, merely because they don't have a magisterium that makes rules and policies about such things". In reality, of course, the Church has been trying to regulate the sex lives of it's priests since the 1100s actively and since the early Church (it's mentioned in Paul's letters in the Bible!) passively; with varying degrees of success and failure on this topic. But the grand majority of Roman Catholic Priests not only believe in and practice the vow of celibacy faithfully; they do so at a great personal mental cost. I for one applaud them for it. Even of the three priests I've known in my personal life who have supposedly failed on this- one I doubt greatly he did what he's been accused of (despite Chuck Lorre's faith in the American Justice System, conviction does not equal truth), the second spent two years trying to figure out what to do before taking any action, and the third, while he did cause a scandal, did so in a way that was so quiet many of the people in the town didn't even know it had happened.

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