Monday, June 27, 2011

Good place to get cheap bulk food

Under $1/serving, IF you order in major bulk They have an introductory $10/12 servings deal, and their 400 serving deal goes down to under $.88/meal. For you survivalists out there, I can't find a better deal.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Still Learning

Don't trade liberty for security they say. Well here's why- there is no such thing as security in the United States anymore. Not for individuals anyway, not economic security.

Yes, I've lost another contract.

Be a programmer, you'll never go hungry. Well, I guess I won't, but only because I've invested in tangibles- my latest being a smoker so that I can preserve the fish and game I catch.

At least now I'll have time to catch up of Knights of Columbus stuff and my boat hobby. Of course, now I don't have the money. I wonder what used car batteries go for on craigslist?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy, busy, June

Here it is the end of June, and I hadn't published a single crazy idea this month. Mainly because I've been busy making one of my crazy ideas a reality- a Knights of Columbus Council at ultra-liberal, ultra-progressive St. Clare's Catholic Church in Portland, OR. They've got a Dignity Chapter, they've got a men's club for the school, they've even got a group of older men who do something called the "Men's Morning of Reflection", but nothing for the common male parishoner who is slightly more conservative. And our eucharistic minister schedule shows it- it's about 75% female.

Orthodox guys at St. Clare's are being scared away from the faith- and that's why I believe we need a Knights council there.

In other crazy news- V2.0 of my experiments towards a solar electric boat will be ready for sea testing (well, small shallow bay testing anyway, and Detroit Lake testing) in time for my vacations at the end of July @ Nehalem Bay and Detroit Lake. I'll be running a 24 lb Thrust motor (MinnKota) this year, off of two batteries, and towing rubber rafts with my fishing catamaran. We will attempt crabbing with this setup again. But I've learned my lesson from last year- such a setup catches the wind *very* easily, and rowing against the wind is hard. I'll have two car batteries on board so that I can switch when one runs out, plus a 15W solar panel that could run the motor at half speed all by itself. This is in prep for my dream houseboat I want to build someday.

As for crazy political ideas- only one I've had recently. If so many people want to sell their goods in the United States or immigrate here, why bother moving the people or the goods? Why not just annex their country and move the United States to them?
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