Monday, April 18, 2011

5% for Debt, 5% for Life

This will be the first of three articles- and this is the only realistic one- on how to move from the culture of greed, culture of death we currently have, to a culture of justice as far as taxes are concerned. A recent post on facebook got me thinking about this in a new way for me; on why consumption taxes are more just than income taxes, but like the gay agenda, I do not believe the evidence leads to the conclusion most libertarians and fiscal conservatives think it does- because like usual, these groups are thinking "what's my situation and how can I move the pain to somebody else?" when what we should be really thinking is "how can we band together as Americans, and make this sustainable for all?".

My fellow Americans, we have a debt habit. We are being unjust to our own future, charging ahead on the credit cards our children will have to pay. And we're making sure there are fewer children- so each child will not only have to pay for his parents, but also for his neighbors and people he never met who selfishly had no children of their own.

Within current law, I'd like to reverse this, with three minor changes to the tax law- three for life, one for debt. And thus I present the plan: 5% for Debt, 5% for Life.

1. 5% for Debt. As I showed in my previous post; Do you think your taxes are to high? 5% increase across all tax brackets is a lot more affordable than it seems, because of how tax brackets work. In good years- 5% is the deficit. So here's my proposal- for every percentage point under 8% average unemployment falls for the year, every tax bracket goes up 1% on federal income taxes- with all of that money earmarked specifically for debt reduction. And Family Planning under Title X should be seen for what it is- a luxury cost that reduces the number of people we're going to need working to pay off this debt.

2. 5% for Life- put WIC under FICA, raise FICA Taxes 5%, remove the upper cap on FICA entirely. Every American citizen between the ages of conception to age 5, and 75 to Natural Death, should be considered unable to work but valuable just for being human- and thus the rest of us should pay for the "least of these", those must vulnerable to being killed for a profit. And since this effectively grants personhood rights to the unborn- that reverses part of Roe V. Wade under the 14th Amendment.

Every conservative libertarian should be able to go for this- as should every progressive, because it's hard to progress to the future if you don't have a future.

Next I'll explain why, despite this being unjust, Roe V. Wade gives us no choice but to attack from this angle.

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