Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A brilliant idea from John H on Autism Blogger

It wouldn't let me respond in the thread or make a new post for some reason- gave me a 406 shtml error, whatever that is. But I don't want to lose this potential business idea.

Brilliance. Sheer brilliance.

John H:"Please make time for yourself it will be hard, even if its just time in another room or in the car. You can give 99% of your day to your family if you want but take that 1% and make it yours....No one is alone here."

I've been advocating a cheaper version of snoezelen therapy for the autistics- but it now occurs to me that this is good for the caregivers and parents *also*.

What a wonderful idea- and I bet I could put together a package deal from my knowledge of home automation to "Make it so". It even fits in with something I ran into on a post of the blog of the woman who wrote the old "Clear Blue Water" comic strip (now a web comic that hasn't been updated in months) of what her lower functioning son is suddenly doing.

How about a "meltdown timeout room kit" that includes:
1. Multicolor remote control LED lightbulb
2. DVD/CD player (the kind with a built-in screen)
3. heater/air conditioner
4. Nannycam with night vision and portable wireless monitor

I bet I could put that all together for less than $300. Possibly less than $200. The basic idea- give the autistic child an environment where he can be *alone* and can *control his surroundings*. Give the caregiver-parent peace of mind in keeping the child under surveillance *while taking a much needed break for themselves*.

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