Monday, May 4, 2009

There ain't no opportunity left in America

First, we'll see how well I can cut and paste a chart here:

President Jobs Created Tax IDs issued Population Growth Total percentage
George HW Bush 2,500,000 1,802,000 12,500,000 34%
George W. Bush 3,000,000 5,875,000 22,000,000 40%
Gerald Ford 1,800,000 2,434,000 5,100,000 83%
John F. Kenedy 3,600,000 3,256,000 8,200,000 84%
Dwight Eisenhower 3,500,000 15,987,000 23,300,000 84%
Richard Nixon 9,400,000 3,689,000 12,300,000 106%
Bill Clinton 23,100,000 3,756,000 25,200,000 107%
Lyndon Johnson 11,900,000 400,000 11,300,000 109%
Ronald Reagan 16,000,000 4,216,000 17,300,000 117%
Jimmy Carter 10,500,000 1,374,000 9,800,000 121%

Ok, slightly messed up. I wonder if I'll do better in creating a chart in any other editor. At any rate- as you can see from this chart, aside from Bill Clinton's years, we've got a very bad growth rate- and Bill Clinton's 107% really wasn't enough to make up for Bush I's 40%.

There were some surprises there- the amazing number of new businesses being created in the 1950s for example, despite 95% tax rates (probably on GI bill education & V.A. loans, I'd suspect). The death toll lowering the tax rate took on new business creation during the Kennedy/Johnson Administrations.

But other than that, it shows what a horrible job the GOP has done lately....

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