Friday, March 6, 2009

Protectionism isn't wrong

Just found this great piece on John Ratzenberger, who does a show called "Made in America" on the Travel Channel.

Ratzenberger: Protectionist is not a bad word. You have a family with a couple of kids running around--you protect your family. You love the kids on the street and you think the world of the other families and you think they're great people. But I'm not going to sacrifice my own children because it benefits somebody else on the street. I protect my family. We protect our neighborhood. Our neighborhoods protect our cities. On and on, stretch that out: we should protect our country.

THIS IS SUBSIDARITY folks- in it's most pure form. You don't sacrifice your own for other people, you don't mind giving but you don't hurt your own to do it. The WTO needs to listen up- the macroeconomists need to listen up. Efficiency isn't everything, subsidarity counts too.

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