Monday, March 2, 2009

Creative Destruction

It's time, I think, to consider Creative Destruction as a response to failed monetary system. This doesn't need to be violent- but it might turn into violence as 7 million New Yorkers realize that their personal real estate bubble is unsustainable without massive input from the hidden slave system they've got the rest of the country under.

Here's the way out- local fiat currency. Each village, each town, each county, each city, and each state, every government below the federal level, needs to take the Wörgl Miracle Method and manage their own microeconomy. Start by printing expiring Freigeld from your local chambers of commerce. If you have a locally owned bank willing to take control over currency exchange and savings taxation, do so, otherwise, your chamber might need to take over, or you can turn it over to the Farmer's Market. Wooden money is what Beaverton Farmer's market does, in $5/$10/$20 amounts, and they even run a $2 ATM in a booth at the market for currency exchange.

That's the way to go folks- just say no to national banks and national money- go local!

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